Tips to Ease Swollen Eyes

bag under the eye womenThere are certain conditions that we as humans have to deal with at certain points in our lives. One of such conditions is the swollen eyes. Swollen eyes or in other words puffy eyes is very common. There are various causes of this condition ranging from fluid retention to severe infection. However, in most cases, the swollen goes away after 24 hours. In the process, there are certain things like compresses that you can do to reduce the swellings.


There are several reasons why your eyelid may be swollen. These reasons are as follows. There are people who experience the swelling because of allergies, bug bites, fluid retention, pink eye, stye, and cyst among other causes. There are also several ways of treating this condition. Some of the tips to ease swollen eyes are as follows. First of all, you can consider washing your face.  This is among the initial things that one should do. It helps in dealing with itchy swollen eyes. In case the situation was as a result of an allergen, it will help in washing the allergens away. Learn how to fix bags under eyes or creases under eyes.


The other thing that you can do is to rinse out the eyes. This should be done with a little bit of water. This measure can be very helpful especially if the swelling was the result of an allergen stuck in the inside of your eye. As already stead above, you can also consider applying a cold compress. This action often helps with itching and swelling. You can do so by soaking a piece of cloth in cold water after which you use to compresses across your eye. The coolness will be responsible for reducing the swelling.


The other option that you got is trying out the allergy eye drop. There are certain eye drops that are meant for the swellings as a result of an allergen. There is a wide variety of options to choose from. In addition to the reducing the swelling, the allergy eye drops also help with the itchiness. And finally, there is the option of taking oral medications.  There are certain types of over the counter allergy medications that you can as well consider getting.  Similarly, getting allergy shots is another option that can work.


In conclusion, these are home remedies for swollen eyes. However, if other symptoms such as feeling like something is stuck in your eyes, pain in the eye, blurry vision, as well as decreased vision occur, then you must seek the help of a doctor immediately. You can read more on this here:


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